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Download the BaltoPro application on your smartphone from the stores, then follow the steps below!

You want to use BaltoPro on a computer? Contact us.

A woman with a smile using BaltoPro services

1) Launch the app!

Start BaltoPro app on your smartphone, create your account and log in!

Hop! Barely logged in, you already have access to all of BaltoPro.

Your online booking portal is already available!
It is initially empty because it is linked to your BaltoPro schedule. So let's take the time to configure BaltoPro before taking a look.

Photos of man's and dog's hands superimposed, indicating a strong relationship between them.
A cell phone displaying BaltoPro app settings, surrounded by cute dog accessories.

2) Configure BaltoPro for your use

Take a look in the settings of the application, and adapt BaltoPro to you!

For each section, BaltoPro offers you a default sample configuration, which you can modify to fit your daily life!

We recommend that you check all the settings which are detailed below.

Settings we recommend checking:

Pictogram of the "My organisation" menu in BaltoPro

Enter your company, organization, or club, and customize the look of your web portal.

Pictogram of the "Levels" menu in BaltoPro

Manage dog levels. Convenient for making groups of levels or putting the puppies in separate classes.

Pictogram of the "Locations" menu in BaltoPro

Course location
Define fixed locations where you work with your clients. Locations for homeschooling are not listed here.

Pictogram of the "Activities" menu in BaltoPro

Define the activities you offer to your clients, such as group lessons, home lessons, agility etc.

Pictogram of the "Offers" menu in BaltoPro

Define the commercial offers that you sell to your customers! You can enter none, if you are only making bespoke offers.

Pictogram of the "Payment modes" menu in BaltoPro

Payment methods
Choose the payment methods you accept from your customers for paid courses. Note: BaltoPro does not collect money from your customers. This setting is mainly informative.

A cell phone displaying BaltoPro app settings, surrounded by cute dog accessories.

3) Create or import your clients and their dogs

Your customers and their dogs are the heart of the operation of BaltoPro, which contains a complete customer management system (CRM), specialized for the canine field.

Create customers and their dogs one by one.
You create your clients and their dogs one by one, one after the other. Fill in their name, contact details and memberships (including the number of courses they have).
For dogs, their name and level is enough, but if you have photos, it will be fun!

Import clients and dogs!
You can also use the BaltoPro import feature to bulk import your clients and their dogs from spreadsheet files (eg Excel, csv, .xls, .xlsx).
The outstanding subscriptions of each customer can be filled in after import.

4) Make your schedule!

Create your courses, appointments, and events in the BaltoPro schedule:

  • recurring or one-shot.
  • in groups or individually.
  • at home or in specific places.
  • bookable online or not.
  • exclusive to your customers, or open to guests or former customers.

  • For each course, define who can enroll and under what conditions.
    Examples: Type of client, level of dog required, current adequate membership, deadline.

    You can also choose how many units to deduct for this course (for membership holders with a limited number of units).

    Creation of a course in BaltoPro surrounded by pictograms representing the main features available: recurring or one-off courses, in groups or individuals, at home or in specific locations, bookable online or not, exclusive to their customers, or open to guests and alumni clients.

    Go further?
    Go back to the settings, and adjust a few elements for better comfort:

    Pictogram of the "Schedule configuration" menu in BaltoPro

    Define the time span of your days so that your schedule adapts to it.

    Pictogram of the "Online reservation" menu in BaltoPro

    Online reservations
    Check the opening and closing times for reservations. For example to prevent late unsubscriptions.

    Login page to the dog trainer's web portal, seen by a client, displayed on 2 devices: a smartphone and a computer.

    5) Share your online booking page

    Your schedule is ok?

    Share the address of your booking portal, available in the BaltoPro app! For example on social networks.

    Your customers can register for your online courses, with the chosen criteria

    If you have allowed the registration of visitors (prospects), there is a section for them!

    The portal is accessible on smartphone and computer, with any simple internet browser. No need to install a mobile app!

    6) Track reservations and let BaltoPro do it

    The list of participants for each course is automatically updated in BaltoPro, as registrations are made from your online booking portal.

    You can also enroll people in your courses yourself. In particular, this allows you to ignore reservation constraints.

    Example :
    "You have chosen to block registrations 2 hours before the start of a class. A person calls you 5 minutes before the class asking if they can come: You can choose to register them manually even though the normal deadline has passed ".

    By knowing the participants, you can anticipate your lessons, and prepare a personalized program for them which, we are sure, will make them progress and flourish.

    And no need to count down the remaining lessons for customers who have a limited number of lessons. BaltoPro has done it for you.
    He checked the registration fees, and deducted the appropriate number of units from the memberships.

    Illustration of three dog handlers registering for a dog training course, calculating their balance, visible in the BaltoPro mobile application.
    Prism of multiple images representing happy dogs, complicity between dogs and their master, satisfied customers, a rainbow.

    7) Use BaltoPro daily

    You are now launched with BaltoPro. You can focus on your clients, their dogs, their follow-up, your courses and your events.

    But what about everyday hazards? Here is a list of common cases that BaltoPro helps you solve:

    Bad weather, illness, or impediment to class. What to do?

    Cancel the course from BaltoPro: Units spent will be returned automatically.

    Send an email and/or a group SMS to all course participants: They will be notified immediately.

    Anything to say to a client at the next lesson?

    Create a remind note for this customer. It's a feature of BaltoPro that allows you to put a message to a client that will be shown to you the next time (s)he signs up for a class. useful so you don't forget anything.

    I received an SMS, but from whom?

    Simply find that phone number in your customer list. BaltoPro will find the sender if they are part of your customer base.

    Payment problem with a customer?

    You can suspend their membership. They will no longer be able to register for your online courses. You can decide at any time to reactivate it.

    Payment problem with a customer?

    You can suspend their membership. They will no longer be able to register for your online courses. You can decide at any time to reactivate it.

    8) Develop your canine activity

    By having started using BaltoPro, you have the tools in place to manage your activity.
    Check your dashboard regularly to:

    Check the dynamism of your activity. Praise invested customers. Encourage customers who have not come for a long time. Anticipate the memberships which will end, or which have just ended.

    Don't miss out on contracts anymore, build customer loyalty.

    The application BaltoPro displaying precise charts and datas about the trainer's activities and business.
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